Terri J. Vaughn

Award winning Hollywood Star plays the role of Mrs Jefferson; strong, business woman with her belief in integrity against all odds.

Karen Obilom

American based Actress plays the lead role as the young girl whose story is told on her experience with cultural clash.

Yemi Blaq

Award Winning Nollywood Actor plays the groundbreaking role of the rigid African Father in America. He flew all the way from Nigeria to film in Atlanta. He has won numerous awards for his excellent performance in the Nigerian Film Industry.

Benjamin Levy

American based Actor stars in the role of a latino loverboy who falls in love with an African girl against all odds.

Lil' Zane

Famous American Rapper and Actor features as Big Fred in his incredible role as a Drug Lord with only three testaments; Drugs, Murder and Money.

Daniel Llyod

Nollywood Actor plays the remarkable role of Ade Johnson; the Nigerian boy struggling with cultural integration and bullying.

Jim Iyke

Award Winning Nollywood Star plays the unforgettable role of Uncle Dayo, the modern American based uncle in a traditional home. Traveled from Florida to be a part of the movie.

Germaine Brooks

Hollywood Actor known for his role with Viola Davis and Jennifer Lopez plays the high school bully; Tyrese.


Based on True Life Events

A story that breaks beliefs, reveals inner thoughts and shows how everyone can be a little racist. Produced by Omodada Productions and written by Blessy Jackson.

Ibrahim Thompson created and directed Cultural Clash. Took 10 years to develop it. It is a movie that shocks you to the core and says what people are scared to say in order not to appear racist. Shows you the deep part of internalized racism. Executive Producers Chichi Chukwura Ozoemena and Dele Nonye-John related to the dream and made it a reality.

The set for the movie had over four directors of photography, three executive producers who financed the movie and two producers alongside a large cast and crew. It was an intense filming period with the best talent. Shot with Red Camera, a 4k drone, top sound, crane and more. Shot on several real locations in Atlanta that set the movie apart.

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Ibrahim Thompson, aka Omodada Producer, Director & Creator
Chichi Chukwura Ozoemena; Executive Producer and Actress
Dele Nonye-John; Producer & Production Manager

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